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1. Consignment. I agree to consign to Fashion Avenue all items accepted for consignment by Fashion Avenue. Each of the accepted items will be priced and assigned an inventory number. ("Merchandise"). The consignment period will be for a maximum period of 90 days. Although most items are priced at approximately 75% off the original retail value, Fashion Avenue will have the discretion to price the Merchandise.

2. Merchandise Handling. Fashion Avenue has the right to reduce any unsold merchandise by 20% after 45 days and by 50% after 75 days from initial consignment date. Furs will not be discounted unless approved by the consignor. (While our policy is to mark down all items, with some couture, and premium brands our discount policy may not apply.  Please consult Fashion Avenue or our Fashion Avenue vault representative for additional information.)  I will pick up all merchandise, which is unsold at the end of the 90-day consignment period, within 14 days. If I do not pick it up by that time, I agree that the Merchandise will be given to charity or re-priced at the discretion of Fashion Avenue. It is my responsibility to keep track of all dates of the consignment. Fashion Avenue is not required to notify me of donation.

3. Payment. I agree that Fashion Avenue will pay me 50% of the selling price for each item sold. Fashion Avenue will issue a check to me on a monthly basis for all items of merchandise sold during the previous month. Fashion Avenue will mail a check to me on the 10th of the month if my account balance is greater than $40.00. If it is less than $40.00, I agree to pick up the check from Fashion Avenue with prior arrangement.  

4. Loss or damage to Merchandise. I understand that Fashion Avenue maintains an inventory control system to deter theft. However, Fashion Avenue is not responsible for the loss or damage to any merchandise while consigned to Fashion Avenue due to theft, fire, water damage or any other casualty, including a complete loss or destruction of such item of merchandise.  Any damages which might occur in the selling process, including snags, missing buttons, makeup stains or broken buttons, I agree to keep any items I consign to Fashion Avenue covered by my insurance policy. I further agree to release and hold Fashion Avenue harmless from any claim or cause of actions I may have against Fashion Avenue, which arises out of this Consignment Agreement.

5. Acceptance. By my signature below, I agree to consign merchandise to Fashion Avenue in the manner described above. By its signature below, Fashion Avenue agrees to the consignment of acceptable merchandise in the manner described above.

Thank you for consigning with Fashion Avenue, we appreciate your business!









I will pick up any unsold Merchandise within 14 days of the final pickup date. Items not picked up on time will be donated to charity. You may request a tax receipt.

Please donate any unsold Merchandise to charity. You may request a tax receipt

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